Crazy or not,that kind

of love never dies
+Brenda,14 The Vampire Diaries have ruined my life



Bradley Cooper trying to … well who can blame him - everyone want to touch Paul Wesley :-)

he touched dat ass

and paul was like ‘oh ok’

nine pictures of daniel gillies,
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Damon Salvatore | Stefan’s hair

Spencer Hastings + hairstyles


Katherine Pierce ♕ 3x03 

Let me guess. It ended in tears and heart break?

Ian & Matt behind the scenes

Favorite Zoe Hart hairstyles in season 2


Loneliness Stefan, that’s why you and I memorialize our dead. There’s the briefest of moments where we hold their life in our hands and then we rip it away and we’re left with nothing. So gathering other peoples letters or writing their names on a wall is a reminder that we are left infinitely and utterly alone

Have you ever been so bent on someone just to get your heart ripped out? —

- Damon (S1X15)

- Now Stefan says in 4X10 “How many ways are you going to rip my heart out”


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